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Find Your New Spring Fragrance Personality

What better way to welcome six new Spring fragrances than with a little fun. We’ve paired each new spring fragrance with personality trait descriptions. Find out which fragrance would be best suited for you.

Tropical Nectar

A tropical burst of citrus, starfruit and a dash of tantalizing cane sugar

 For the Vacation Lover.  You are already counting down the days until your next relaxing getaway. Nothing makes you happier than soaking up the sun with your toes in the sand.


Romantic dune rose and dew-misted greens create a sophisticated floral aroma

 For the Hopeless Romantic. On Valentine’s Day you expect a dozen roses in the color of your choice. Your friends know not to interupt you on Monday nights during episodes of the Bachelor. It’s your ultimate goal to receive the final rose.

Cucumber Fresca

Relax with this garden-inspired medley of cool, crisp cucumber and fresh cilantro leaves

 For the Laid-Back Listener. You’re cool as a cucumber and know how to kick back and relax. Your calm energy is soothing and refreshing to those around you.


Southern Magnolia

A sweet, southern magnolia bloom with a hint of jasmine and sparkling freshness

 For the Garden Enthusiast. You can’t wait for April showers to bring May flowers. During the cold Winter months, you enjoy the scent of blooming florals through your favorite candle fragrances.

Apricot Mint

A delicate botanical blend of lemon, juicy apricot and crisp mint leaves

 For the Social Butterfly. You are upbeat and love to try new things. This fragrance is sophisticated and fun just like you.

Fresh Aloe

A fresh fusion of Polynesian palm leaves, rainforest bamboo and sparkling citrus

 For the One that is Always Prepared. Have no fear the planner is here. You are reliable and your loved ones admire how dependable you are. (Especially when they have a sunburn at the beach and you are the one that packed the aloe lotion!)

Which fragrance best suits your personality? Or are you a combination of a few? Maybe you are a Vacation Loving Social Butterfly or a Laid-Back Listener thats also a Garden Enthusiast? Tell us on facebook!



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