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Featured Retailer: Sincerely Yours

The team at Sincerely Yours of Santa Rosa, California has posed an interesting question to their Colonial Candle customers. How do you choose your candles? Is it by fragrance first and then color? Or is it by color then fragrance? Which is more important?

To help answer these questions, Pamela of Sincerely Yours put a survey at her checkout stand and has asked her staff to ask every customer purchasing Colonial Candle how they selected their candles, by color or by fragrance. Pamela says it’s been fun and led to very interesting discussions. Customers are even going back to the display and adding a candle because they realize they need a special color for a certain room or event. So far, the results have gone both ways at Sincerely Yours. If you are in the Santa Rosa, CA area stop by Sincerely Yours at 2324 Magowan Drive and participate in their survey.

What do you think? When shopping for a Colonial Candle, do you choose by color or by fragrance? Comment below!

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  1. Laura Jones wrote:

    LOVE, LOVE,LOVE your site! I choose candles by both color and scent. I depends on my mood and what I want to use them for. By the way if I don’t win one of your candles I will settle for any of the things you mention on your site, i.e. Kate’s closet, Harry, etc.

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 11:20 AM | Permalink

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