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5 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts


Still not sure what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? Don’t fret! We have 5 easy DIY crafts and all you need is an empty 8 oz oval jar. Make sure you clean your oval jar completely before making the following crafts.


Monogrammed Flower Vase

Flowers are a great gift for Mother’s Day. Add a simple personal touch by mongramming an 8 oz oval jar to use as a vase.
Step 1: Make your own letter on the computer or use these great printable letters (like above) from Martha Stewart.
Step 2: Cut out the letter & adhere to glass with modge podge
Step 3: Fill with Mom’s favorite flowers
Mommy Spa Day
 What better way to treat Mom than to a relaxing homemade spa day?
Step 1: Decorate jar with your own personal flare. We’ve called ours “Mommy Spa Day”
Step 2: Fill with sugar scrub or bath salts of your choice.
Ahhh… instant relaxation that Mom will love!

Hugs and Kisses

You can never go wrong with a cute and thoughtful gift. Shower Mom with candy hugs & kisses!
Step 1: Hot glue ribbon around oval jar. Tie a bow & include the note “Moms deserve Hugs & Kisses, especially on Mother’s Day”
Step 2: Fill jar with Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses

Chalkboard Jar

 Step 1: Use Chalkboard Spray Paint to cover entire jar. Let dry for 24 hours.
Step 2: Decorate with the note of your choice using chalk.
You can surprise Mom with new messages throughout the year!
Movie Date for Mom
 For a Mom that’s a true movie star
Step 1: Make a homemade coupon redeemable for Mom to see the movie of her choice.
Ours says “Let’s go on a movie date! Reedem this coupon to go see the movie on your choice (my treat!)”
Step 2: Hot glue ribbon around oval jar. Tie bow & include coupon via a hole punch
Step 3: Fill jar with fresh popped popcorn

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