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Cape Cod Roots

With the recent release of our Cape Cod Collection, it seemed only right to take a stroll down memory lane. After all, the 4 C’s in our logo stand for “Colonial Candle of Cape Cod.” Founded in Hyannis, Massachusetts by Mabel Baker in 1909, Colonial Candle was the first U.S. candle company started by a woman.


Mable Baker

Mabel knew that the pilgrims had made candles from native bayberries growing nearby, so she began the laborous process of boiling, skimming and straining the bayberries. Each bushel of berries yielded only 2 kg of wax. She handbraided cotton wicks and lovingly hand dipped each taper candle as much as 35 to 50 times to create special Christmas gifts for her friends and family. The candles became so popular that she began selling them in her husband’s hardware store. By 1909, many stores on Cape Cod were selling Mabel’s candles.

 We’ve come a long way since then, but it’s still important to us to pay tribute to the rich heritage of Colonial Candle. Our new Cape Cod Collection consists of 4 fragrances: Salt Water Taffy, Peach Cobbler, Old Fashioned Lemonade and Line Dried Linen. Exactly how we imagine summers on the Cape!


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