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New Summer Obsession: The Collection

Looking for a new Summer obsession? Add these five new premium fragrances to the list! Packaged in a beautiful exclusive gift box, these 16 oz 3-wick soy-blend oval jar candles are making a big splash this summer. Our Oval Insider gives us her take on each fragrance:

Red Currant and Quince: An intriguing aroma of ripe red currant blended with pure sun-blushed quince and lush greens

 Oval Insider says, “Don’t let the color fool you, this fragrance is a hit with men”


Ebonywood and Nectarine: A luxurious creation of juicy peach nectar and apricot with a touch of ebonywood warmth

 Oval Insider says, “Unlike any other fragrance I’ve ever smelled. Absolutely Amazing”


Gardenia and Peony: A sophisticated floral bouquet of fresh bergamot, Tahitian gardenia and pink peony petals

 Oval Insider says, “Floral Bliss. Peony season is here!”


White Jasmine and Freesia: A soothing blend of delicate jasmine and sweet freesia wrapped in sheer musk

 Oval Insider says, “Soft and pretty. A natural crowd pleaser.”


Seagrass and Papyrus: A sensual medley of sea salted greens, wild vetiver and oceanic moss

  Oval Insider says, “Can we rename this one ‘Cute Guy on First Date?'”


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