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Destination Bora Bora

CC12_BoraBora_Set_1 LR

Ready for more new arrivals? Each season we introduce a new destination collection & this spring we are packing our bags for Bora Bora. Just imagine… overwater bungalows, crystal clear blue water, and¬†sunshine, lots of sunshine!¬†What could be better? We are traveling, by way of fragrance, to this exotic Tahitian destination with four beachy scents:

  • Coconut Milk & Lime: A tantalizing Polynesian fusion of shaved coconut with milk, invigorating lime and bergamot, soothed by white amber and shea
  • Coral & White Sands: A barefoot stroll on Tahitian white sands with sea salt and pomegranate flower, while beachwood and coral musk create a warm presence
  • Monoi Pearl: Inspired by the indigenous pearls of Tahiti, this scent is a warm and intriguing blend of pearlescent musk, ylang ylang and smooth peach
  • Orchid & Violet: A light dusting of pink sugar welcomes the sweet smell of Bora Bora’s first blooms with plum, sweet honeysuckle and cotton flower

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