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New Destination Collections Coming Soon

Did you ever wish you could travel around the world from the comfort of your living room? With the launch of Colonial Candle’s Destination Collections, you can experience the world’s most renowned beaches and cultural hot spots without the jet lag. That is the beauty of fragrance, it can take you to places you’ve never been or remind you of cherished memories of a favorite getaway.

Each season we will introduce a new Destination Collection featuring four fragrances that will come in a limited variety of formats. This Spring we will be sailing away to the luxurious island of St. Barths with Topaz Waters, Coral Hibiscus, Cocoa Plum, and Melon Mojito. Pack your bags and check back each season to see which destination we will feature next!


It’s Easy Being Green

You may have already planned your green outfit for St. Patrick’s Day, but have you thought about how you will add a festive touch to your home? We’ve picked 5 of our favorite green products that will help you have a shamrockin’ time this St. Patrick’s Day.

Put away your traditional taper colors for the day and add bright green tapers to your dining room


Hosting a St. Patrick's Day Event? Use green tealights in your favorite tealight holders


DIY Project Idea: Make a centerpiece using this 3x6 Fresh Aloe Pillar


It's your lucky day with this green gem. Cucumber Fresca is 25% off this month with promo code: FOM3


Green 12" Metallic Tapers shimmer like a leprechaun's lucky pot of gold


Keep Marchin’

25% off all Cucumber Fresca Scented Candles
Congratulations Cucumber Fresca, this month is all about you! March is your month to shine. We love your refreshing, cool attitude and welcome you into our homes with a 25% off discount all month long. Your bright green color is perfect for celebrating our favorite March events.
A few things we are looking forward to this month:
  • Charleston Wine & Food Festival, March 1st-4th.  It’s hard not to be a foodie living in Charleston, SC! We can’t wait for a weekend full of events celebrating excellence in cuisine and wine.
  • Spring Break. Our graphic design intern, Shannon, is so excited to relax during her Spring Break. The rest of us will be wishing we had one too!  
  • March Madness. We may be girly, but we’re also a sporty bunch. We’ve got our fingers crossed that our favorite college teams make it into the tournament on Selection Sunday.
  • St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. You can guarantee we won’t only be wearing green, but we’ll be burning green candles. Can you ever be too festive? Nah!
  • 1st Day of Spring, March 20th. Hello, Spring Awakening Scented Candle.
  • Cooper River Bridge Run, March 31st. Thousands flock to Charleston, SC for this 10K race. Amanda, our Product Manager, has participated for the last 4 years and is lacing up her running shoes again this year. Way to go Amanda!

One of my closest friends likes to say that March is for “Marchin’ to the beat of your own drum.” So, here’s to marchin’ away. What are you looking most forward to this month?



Set a Leap Day Goal


Since February 29th is a special day that we only get to experience once every four years, we decided we would challenge ourselves to set a few goals. Our idea for today is simple: let’s decide what we would like to accomplish by the next leap year.

Where do you see yourself in four years? What do you want to cross off your bucket list by 2016? Maybe it’s a travel adventure or a new hobby that you would like to master. Whatever it is, it’s your special and unique leap year goal.

Next, make a promise to yourself to make it happen. Ask your friends and family to do the same. Take a moment to share with one another and hold each other to it. It’s easy to get caught up in the busy schedule of day to day life, but sometimes we need to reset and think about our goals.

To congratulate you on your leap year goal and making a plan to work towards it, our gift to you is 10% off your total purchase for today only at Just enter promo code “LEAP10″ at checkout and enjoy. Wishing everyone a wonderful leap day!

Find Your New Spring Fragrance Personality

What better way to welcome six new Spring fragrances than with a little fun. We’ve paired each new spring fragrance with personality trait descriptions. Find out which fragrance would be best suited for you.

Tropical Nectar

A tropical burst of citrus, starfruit and a dash of tantalizing cane sugar

 For the Vacation Lover.  You are already counting down the days until your next relaxing getaway. Nothing makes you happier than soaking up the sun with your toes in the sand.


Romantic dune rose and dew-misted greens create a sophisticated floral aroma

 For the Hopeless Romantic. On Valentine’s Day you expect a dozen roses in the color of your choice. Your friends know not to interupt you on Monday nights during episodes of the Bachelor. It’s your ultimate goal to receive the final rose.

Cucumber Fresca

Relax with this garden-inspired medley of cool, crisp cucumber and fresh cilantro leaves

 For the Laid-Back Listener. You’re cool as a cucumber and know how to kick back and relax. Your calm energy is soothing and refreshing to those around you.


Southern Magnolia

A sweet, southern magnolia bloom with a hint of jasmine and sparkling freshness

 For the Garden Enthusiast. You can’t wait for April showers to bring May flowers. During the cold Winter months, you enjoy the scent of blooming florals through your favorite candle fragrances.

Apricot Mint

A delicate botanical blend of lemon, juicy apricot and crisp mint leaves

 For the Social Butterfly. You are upbeat and love to try new things. This fragrance is sophisticated and fun just like you.

Fresh Aloe

A fresh fusion of Polynesian palm leaves, rainforest bamboo and sparkling citrus

 For the One that is Always Prepared. Have no fear the planner is here. You are reliable and your loved ones admire how dependable you are. (Especially when they have a sunburn at the beach and you are the one that packed the aloe lotion!)

Which fragrance best suits your personality? Or are you a combination of a few? Maybe you are a Vacation Loving Social Butterfly or a Laid-Back Listener thats also a Garden Enthusiast? Tell us on facebook!



Colonial Candle, Be My Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

At the Colonial Candle office, we decided to share this special day with our one true love. Someone that is always there when we need them, always listens when we need a friend and has a special “glow” about them. That’s right, our favorite Colonial Candle.

Since it’s no secret that our team absolutely LOVES candles,  I decided to ask around and find out which candles our staff members are crushing on this year…

"I love the Sea Spray fragrance. It's fresh, salty and reminds me of being on the boat." - Russ, Graphic Designer



"Coconut Rain is my favorite. It makes me think of summertime and relaxing at the beach." -Beth, Director of Brand Development


"Simple Breeze... It's fresh and clean, which makes my house smell amazing." -Amanda, Product Manager


"Pumpkin Pie is one of my favorite fragrances. I always keep it in my house around the holidays."-Shannon, Graphic Designer


As for me, my favorite is Falling Leaves. I love fall weather and it reminds me of college football season.


Cupid definitely got it right this year.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Have a wonderful day with your loved ones…. including your favorite Colonial Candle!


Nice to Meet You

Redesigned Atlanta Showroom, January 2012

Welcome to 1909 & Meeting, the new Colonial Candle blog. First things first, I’m sure you are already wondering, “Why 1909 & Meeting?”

Our blog name brings together the past and the present, representing the rich history of Colonial Candle paired with the fresh, modern look of where we are today.

“1909” is the year that Colonial Candle was founded in Cape Cod, Massachusetts by Mabel Baker. “Meeting” is a reference to Meeting Street, a well-known street in the center of Charleston, South Carolina, the city we call home today. When you put the two together, you get the spirit of our new blog, “1909 & Meeting.” We will feature the latest Colonial Candle updates, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive content that will enhance your Colonial Candle experience.

As for the Colonial Team, we’ve been hard at work these past few months. Our showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas & Las Vegas were redesigned by famed interior designer, Jim Weinberg, and we unveiled a new look with emphasis on our signature oval shape to our fabulous retailers at the winter market shows.  We can’t wait for our new products, fragrances and collections to debut throughout the year!

 Follow along and get to know us a little better. Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you again soon!